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Monday, February 12, 2018

Sin Calle

So long (5 years and 6 weeks!) since I visited here and then only to observe how blogger has changed (trying to catch up with Wordpress?). So this is only a test to see how the new editor works. Seems I won't be able to create pages unless I ditch my 'classic theme' and start all over again!

What an appalling mess! The edit icon almost overlaps with 'Email a friend' - were they watching whatever that programme was called that allowed 'calling a friend'?

The Preview doesn't work in any meaningful sense.

Carry On Wordpress!!

Still, it's amazing to think it's 11 and a half years since I started this. I suppose I've done half a dozen Wordpress blogs since then and although Wordpress is still flaky at times, it seems to give so much more power and flexibility. But the simplicity of the 'old blogger' is still cute.

Perhaps I'll update from time to time - not another 5 years? - but meanwhile I've more urgent things to see to like the woodburner. Meanwhile too (two) have a look at my wife's brilliant Wordpress blog:

(My also long out of date offering is at:


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