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Friday, June 30, 2006

What to make of all this?
Suddenly, and quite unexpectedly, 'Google' is presenting pages to me in Hindi.
That is to say, the comments and instructions, labels and metalanguage of the Google search pages are now in Hindi.
Where did Google get that idea from?
Just because I'd been playing with the language and font settings in the Apple operating system, text editor, appleworks and the browser language settings and trying to type some material in Hindi (and Punjabi), the browser or the operating system have communicated to Google that my preferred language is Hindi.
Was that only because when I started up last time, the OS menu system appeared to be set in International - Devanagari . I changed it back to English before starting Safari but up came the Google pages in Hindi.
Will it revert to English next time?
If it's still in Hindi, what will happen if I use Firefox instead which doesn't display Hindi?
If I've been 'cookied' permanently for Hindi are there settings in Google to change it back again?
I had already noticed in the OS that a small superscript Devanagari character had been substituted for the apostrophe - weird.

If I don't post a blog entry before midnight, can I edit it to show yesterday's date?

Searching for 'albergues' and the Junta de Andalucia brought up some really interesting pages for Islam in Spain and Spanish North Africa.
If my Spanish was better, I'm sure I'd have found the article on Sexuality, Catholicism and Islam even more interesting.The gist appeared to be that sex was a sin in catholicism, the work of the devil, and this was either approved of or the opposite in Islam - or did I get that all completely wrong?
I'll try and put this up with some
relevant link and
another tomorrow.

As DODG used to say: Goodnight all.


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