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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Barton on Humber
Oops, crumbs, crikey and other 30's talk. After the picture of the cat, obligingly called 'tigger', what else is there to keep going on a blog?
I'm beginning to think it's a crazy idea.
So much less flexible than a webpage with its rigid linear chronological structure (all the interesting stuff that's now beyond the limit of anyone's scrolling patience).
If it's a diary (notes to onesself from a small place) do you (does one?) want anyone else to read it before I'm dead?
At leat I'm so old that 'mum' has passed on so she can't read it. But then sprogs might read it (offspring for our large overseas audience) - so still have to be careful what you say.
Then, will it help all those skulking stripy jersey computery identity thief types crawling out of their hard-drives?
Will anyone chancing upon this entry find it as fascinating as I sometimes find those I chance on by hitting blogspot's 'next blog' button?
Anyway, the radiator's been fixed on the car in Spain. I've been put down for a 'batty walk' (bats I think) at Barnes wetlands next Thursday and might be doing some dry-stone walling in Leeds on Saturday. Which reminds me I've forgotten to ring ...
and to renew my WWOOFing membership, and am I/are we going to Bath next weekend etc. etc.
Now this peculiar rendition in 'Safari' has now popped up with the editing options but I still can't see the html option.
Let's go!


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