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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Krrrumbs! A month in Spain and nothing added here. It does sometimes seem a chore when you're away from regular internet access.
Having been forced (forced!) into the 'New Blogger' and to open a Google Account, what will happen next?
Hate things being changed or updated. When I was a lad and the internet was in the back of the cave...
Now they say it'll all go pear shaped soon because of all this video stuff ... who the heck wants video!
Might as well go and watch the rubbish on TV.

Here's a link to HYC - will they get beyond the picture any time soon, ten years since I started nagging them to get on line!

Now I'm getting the (viagra and other) spammers trying to add comments - READ BEFORE YOU PUBLISH!
I hope this 'new' blogger still holds comments for moderation.
More soon.


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