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Friday, June 30, 2006

What to make of all this?
Suddenly, and quite unexpectedly, 'Google' is presenting pages to me in Hindi.
That is to say, the comments and instructions, labels and metalanguage of the Google search pages are now in Hindi.
Where did Google get that idea from?
Just because I'd been playing with the language and font settings in the Apple operating system, text editor, appleworks and the browser language settings and trying to type some material in Hindi (and Punjabi), the browser or the operating system have communicated to Google that my preferred language is Hindi.
Was that only because when I started up last time, the OS menu system appeared to be set in International - Devanagari . I changed it back to English before starting Safari but up came the Google pages in Hindi.
Will it revert to English next time?
If it's still in Hindi, what will happen if I use Firefox instead which doesn't display Hindi?
If I've been 'cookied' permanently for Hindi are there settings in Google to change it back again?
I had already noticed in the OS that a small superscript Devanagari character had been substituted for the apostrophe - weird.

If I don't post a blog entry before midnight, can I edit it to show yesterday's date?

Searching for 'albergues' and the Junta de Andalucia brought up some really interesting pages for Islam in Spain and Spanish North Africa.
If my Spanish was better, I'm sure I'd have found the article on Sexuality, Catholicism and Islam even more interesting.The gist appeared to be that sex was a sin in catholicism, the work of the devil, and this was either approved of or the opposite in Islam - or did I get that all completely wrong?
I'll try and put this up with some
relevant link and
another tomorrow.

As DODG used to say: Goodnight all.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Rio Selvagem

A magical blog from Portugal
Uma blog magica do Portugal
with links to
Campanha Global Dove por Beleza Real and

Portuguese doorway and nudes at

Hough nough broughn cough
(हाउ नाउ बराउन काउ)
Doughn't cough tough loughd, they might hear yough.

Oughd tough Betjeman:

Droughve through Slough and thought ough yough
Let friendly boughmbs foughl oughn Slough
Nough thought ough Betjeman nough

(May be mough tough foughllough)

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Mi burbuja
And here's another Spanish one which would be fun but for the huge overload of images.

El rincon de las confesiones.
An occasional diary in Spanish so Georgi can practise!

Found this interesting blog in Portuguese as the 'next blog' today.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Mast Family Farm

So now I've found the Devanagari appears in IE on a PC and in Safari but not Firefox on the Mac. So I entered it 'blind' in blogger in Firefox and it magically appears in Safari or on a PC. Changing the Firefox settings to UTF 8 doesn't seem to do the trick. Any answers? Does it appear in Firefox on a PC?

Just a note to point out new sub-title. More to follow later I hope.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

A hot Sunday in London.
3days elapsed and finding this blogging software inflexible and difficult to use.
And now we have a personal problem!


Friday, June 23, 2006

जाइ गुरु देव । मेरे नाम टरेवोर बेनडिण हे ।
Well, that's not quite right but it'll do for now.
(साब भुल गाया!)
Agora um pouco Português, y Español (oh, so I have to change from Portuguese to English to get the 'ñ' in Spanish!)
But all my 'end of another day', missing the 'blogging' deadline (so now it's tomorrow), got lost in crashing the application by messing around like this!
Seems tricky to set the typeface. Comments welcome on whether the 'e circumflex' and 'n tilde' show correctly on your PC (it's not in the html so I suspect not).

Giving up on the devanagari for now (the rows of question marks).

Tigger in bed
And so now it's time for my bed.

Thursday, June 22, 2006


God, this is inflexible and confusing. So previous comment should read:

So now the time is showing BST/UTC+1 but then it wasn't so 9.01 am should read 1.01am (which it does on the 'view post' in comments)and be BELOW the SECOND post.

So there you have it.

Let's try pasting text from TextEdit.
Just going to 'ave a look at
casaserviço's website

Finished reading "The curious case of the dog in the night" which started me thinking about "Vernon God Little" and it struck me that they're quite similar in a way (inside the narrator's head and not a lot else).

Won't let me use special Unicode characters so we'll try another way later.

Well, Georgina, if not Georgia, was on my mind. A new day, nearly 10 to 1, hunched over an iBook and not doing my back any good.

News of and from 'Navasola', our beautiful spot in the hills of Aracena at Fuenteheridos; from Cabanas de Tavira in Portugal; from the cool cool banks of the muddy Humber; and from Pedro (Coelho), Max (Happydays), Tigger, Georgina (my Georgi girl) and Theo and friends in the Great Wen.

Please add your comments and we'll see what the 'morrow delivers.

Nearly an hour gone by but I've updated all the settings I think I need for now so it must be time to shut up, shut down, shut eye.